Server Support Services


Server Support Services

A server is often the heart of a business computer network. As such, it fulfils a number of important duties. Beyond being a central storage space for your company documents, a server can control how those documents are accessed. A server can also oversee and protect your entire network, so it’s critical your servers are performing optimally and running smoothly.

However, there are common issues that creep up on servers that you may not be able to handle with your current staff.

Perhaps you have a server that has run out of storage space and you need to upgrade. Or worse, improperly updated protection has allowed viruses to slip in and imperil your server. Maybe your server has been running slowly, impacting your employees’ productivity. Or maybe you are just getting started and need help setting up and managing your servers.

Repa has broad expertise in quality server management. Our team can assess your system and lay out a list of issues and solutions for this important company hardware.

We also assess and address all security issues, protecting your server from internal and external threats. We will then present a series of proactive procedures that will stop trouble before it starts. In addition, we’ll guide you to ensure business continuity in the event of disaster, and avoid costly downtime.

If you do not yet have a network and server, our server management team can design a brand new implementation that is custom-made to fit your business.

Our flexible approach to server management gives you exactly what you need now and affords you room to grow into the future. Our method allows you to focus on results without bogging down in hardware purchase decisions.

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