Best Practice


Best practice sits at the centre of the consulting tool-kit. Accumulating insights from – and connections with – the best-in-class brings with it a benefit of its own speed. With a healthy back catalogue of previous experiences, we can quickly get through the screening stage and into the specifics you really want to know.

Best Practice involves learning from leaders both within and beyond your industry

How to’ in existing markets

  1. How did Company X migrate customers to new channels without negatively affecting sales
  2. What did Company Y do to successfully rationalise (or expand) its service lines?
  3. How did the market leader redesign their sales processes to reduce attrition so much?
  4. What are the best examples of pricing portfolio management in our industry?
  5. How did our competitors deploy their digital strategies, and what were the returns on their investments?

Success in new markets

  1. How have firms from our industry successfully entered adjacent markets?
  2. Can we anticipate threats from new entrants who have been successful in other markets
  3. How have companies in other markets overhauled their operating models to attract higher value customers?
  4. How does our New product development process stack up against best-in-class firms from around the world?
  5. How have challenger brands built their service capabilities in countries A, B and C?