IT Strategy Consulting

Consultants from Repa can provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet all your IT needs. Our consulting teams are specialized in helping your company to grow your business by leveraging IT.

IT Audits

Our IT audit team can determine if your current system is performing up to par, identify emerging issues, and uncover problem areas that are destined to become a roadblock.

Cloud Computing

We provide consulting services that help your business get started in the cloud, quickly and cost-effectively.

Business Analytics

Analytics involves the interrogation of data, in order to provide you with inputs that inform, or transform, your marketing strategy. To give you a competitive edge, REPA can help you discover and communicate purposeful patterns in data.

We primarily specialise in Pricing, Proposition Refinement and Segmentation, providing you with commercially robust, fact-based deliverables to help you communicate clearly with your stakeholders.

Mobile Devices Management
and Support Services

Many businesses today are acknowledging the use of both smartphones and tablet computers in their workplace. You may have realized the power of these devices yourself through the use of your own smartphone, such as your android, Apple iPhone ® or iPad ®.

Server Support Services

A server is often the heart of a business computer network. As such, it fulfils a number of important duties. Beyond being a central storage space for your company documents, a server can control how those documents are accessed. A server can also oversee and protect your entire network, so it’s critical your servers are performing optimally and running smoothly.


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